Emergency Food Storage: Where to begin?

Step 1: Complete our simple food supply calculator to determine how many servings you and your family require:

Food Supply Calculator

Step 2: Select and order the Emergency Food Supply package that matches your required number of servings from packages below.

Step 3: Find a cool dry place to store your emergency food for up to 25 years. No need to worry about food rotation. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your family is prepared for whatever nature throws at you!

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If you have a requirement for a different combination than any of the above, just send us a message with your needs and we’ll price that up.

Simply order securely online via PayPal/credit card or pay by online banking if you prefer. We use Paypal and Braintree, so your credit card information is not stored with us at all!

All emergency food packages are shipped from a New Zealand based warehouse so you don’t have to wait for arrival from offshore.

Although we are a New Zealand based business we can still ship to other countries without restriction. To get a shipping quote to other countries, please contact us and specify what you would like to order and to where it will be sent. orders@FreezeDriedEmergencyFood.co.nz