15 Essential Emergency Survival Kit Items

Are you ready if you need to evacuate in a hurry?  There’s no escaping it everyone should have a ‘ready to go’ Emergency Kit to hand at home and at work. Preparedness requires some preparation! But what do you really need?  To get you started here’s our top 15 essential emergency kit items…

1. Torch / Headlamp and spare batteries

LED torch and/or headlamp. A LED torch, preferably a head-mounted style (for hands-free), is an ideal choice. Keep an extra set of batteries even though LED torches consume relatively little power.

2. Battery powered radio with extra batteries or hand-crank radio

A radio for tuning into emergency stations for updates on the situation.

3. Basic First Aid Kit and essential medicines

Keep at least the basic first aid items such as band-aids, sterile gauze and tape, etc.

4. Rain coats or poncho’s

A poncho has multiple uses – as a raincoat, a makeshift shelter or to collect rainwater.

5. Emergency blankets

These serve multiple uses including warmth (wrap yourself in it to reflect your body heat back to you), and potential shelter similar to a small tarp. These are so small that keeping several will hardly take any room at all in your kit.

6. Leather or work gloves

A pair of good leather working gloves can protect your hands and fingers from cuts (moving rubble for example).

7. Dust masks 

Dust mask to help filter contaminated air, dust from moving rubble etc.

8. Easy to carry food rations

At least a 3-day supply of non-perishable food in case there are delays in reaching your destination or a welfare centre . Dried food and Power/Energy calorie-dense food bars are convenient for short-duration kits. If you have any special dietary requirements, ensure you cater for this.

9. Water containers ready to fill

3 litres of water per person per day for at least 3 days, for drinking and extra for sanitation.

10. Water purification tablets

Carry water purification tablets as well in case you run out of water. You may not have the luxury of boiling water.


Consider a Water Filter Bottle

The Sport Berkey Water Bottle means you can get drinking water from any water source. A river, pond, lake etc. Even if it’s murky looking. The built in water filter works in the same way as the larger Berkey Systems. So you’ll be sure to have water wherever you go.


11. Waterproof matches / lighter

Keep the matches and box in a waterproof container. Lighters are inexpensive so its a good idea to include a lighter too.

12. Rope

Just good to have. Can be used for shelters and general use.  Paracord is popular, strong and relatively inexpensive.

13. Duct tape / insulation tape

Again just good to have and can be used to make emergency repairs to just about anything.

14. Compass and whistle

Multi-purpose 5 in 1 and 7 in 1 options are available that include: a whistle, compass, signal mirror, magnifying glass etc.

15. Multi-purpose tool

Ideally a multi- purpose tool that can act as a knife, can opener, file, scissors and screwdriver.


Remember to prepare for everyone in the home

When you are putting together an emergency kit it is very important to remember to not only about yourself and family, but also for your family pets and any guests who could potentially be with you at the time of the emergency. Many people fail to plan for their pets, and unfortunately many are lost each year as a result. Of course sometimes you have to act in the best interest of the human members of the family and there is nothing that you can do. But it is definitely worth considering an emergency kit for your pets.

If an emergency strikes, you will not have time to pull together the necessary essentials and shops are likely to be closed. You need to have an emergency kit ready to go!

Save time & be prepared today

Our 1-3 person, 3 day Survival Kit contains just about all of the essential survival items we mention above, including first aid, light, warmth, food, water purification and more. You just need to add waterproof matches or a lighter and enough water for each person.

Also it comes in a backpack so that it’s easy to grab when you need it and has extra room inside for those important family documents and other evacuation necessities.


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