Berkey Water Filters: No New Stock Available, Here’s Other Options

Graphic: Berkey Filters Out of Stock - What now?

It’s a bad news/good news situation.

Berkey Water filters systems and Black Berkey replacement filters are out fo stock. Unfortunately we don’t know when we’ll be able to order more. Below we explain the reason why. But also how we do have some other options now available, including if you already own a Berkey and need replacement filters…

The Bad News About Berkey Water Filters

New Millennium Concepts, Ltd. (“NMCL”) and the James B. Shepherd Trust, the brand owner of Berkey Water Systems is currently undergoing legal action against the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who have bizarrely classified their filters as pesticides rather than water filters.

As a result of this classification they are not currently producing more of their systems and filters. NMCL/Berkey Water Systems have an appeal lodged in court, where they have sought an injunction against the EPA classification. If successful this would allow them to continue to manufacturer and distribute Berkey water filters. So we await the outcome of this appeal.

Until then we are in a holding pattern with Berkey water filter systems and Black Berkey Elements.

What Berkey Stock is Available Still?

We do still have some stock of the PF2 Fluoride and arsenic reduction elements. As these require replacement much more regularly than the Black Elements (A set of 2 PF-2 Filters need replacement after 3785 litres of use. Versus 2 Black Berkey elements are recommended to be replaced after approximately 22,700 litres). So if you are a Berkey system owner you might find you need the PF2 fluoride elements replaced before you would require your Black Elements replaced.

We also still have various accessories available for sale as well. See below.


Berkey Water Filters

Berkey BioFilm Drops

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The Good News – Other options:

Filteroo Superoo

However we do now have stock of a very similar product that comes from Australia. We know the owners of Filteroo who make the Superoo.

It  is a similar size to the Big Berkey System. However it has almost double the capacity due to the unique design of the Superoo. It can hold 16L of water. As it won’t overflow you can constantly top the Superoo up. So it is a suitable substitute for the 8.5L Big Berkey, 12.3L Royal Berkey, and 17L Imperial Berkey.

It is also a perfectly good substitute for the largest 22.7L Imperial Berkey. Because while the Superoo has a maximum capacity of 16L, the fact it can’t be overfilled means you can top it up whenever you need to.

Filteroo also have optional Fluoride removal cartridges.

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Filteroo Stainless Steel 6L

Filteroo do also have a 6L model which is the same size as the 5.6L Travel Berkey: the Filteroo Stainless Steel 6L. We now have this in stock too.

The Filteroo systems do also fit the replacement Black Berkey elements. So if in the future we have Black Berkey replacement elements available, you would also be able to use these in any Filteroo product. Just be aware that the Black Berkey and PF2 Fluoride reduction elements elements must be used together.

Likewise the Filteroo 8″ Rain & City Water Carbon Block Gravity Water Filter Cartridges and the Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Gravity Water Filter Cartridges (Set of 2), must be used together.

The Filteroo Stainless Steel 6L will sell for the same price as the Travel Berkey of $599. However it includes some extras the Travel doesn’t have, such as:

  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • Stainless Steel Tap
  • Stainless Steel 1.5L Jug

Do You Need to Replace Your Berkey Filters? Here’s the Solution:

If you also need to replace the filters in your Berkey System, the good news is the Filteroo 8″ Rain & City Water Carbon Block Gravity Water Filter Cartridges will fit all Berkey systems. And if you need Fluoride removal the optional Filteroo Max Fluoride Removal Gravity Water Filter Cartridges (Set of 2) can also be added to the Carbon Block. Just be aware that only Berkey Black filters and Fluoride elements can be used together. Likewise Filteroo Carbon Blocks and Filteroo Mac Fluoride cartridges must be used together.

In Summary

New stock of any of the Berkey Water Filter Systems and the replacement Black Berkey Elements are unavailable currently and we have no idea when they will be again.

We have available a similar gravity fed water filter from Filteroo in Australia whose owners we know and trust.

We have the Superoo in stock currently to order on the website.

We are taking pre-orders for the Filteroo Stainless Steel 6L at $599 which has a similar capacity and size to the Travel Berkey. We will stock replacement Cartridges for the Filteroos , along with the Fluoride Cartridges.

If you would like to pre-order any of the Filteroo 6L please let us know by email or our Contact form and we can send you an invoice. Or let us know if you have any further questions.

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