Emergency Food Stock Update – Unprecedented Demand With COVID-19 Outbreak

Emergency Food Stock Update - Unprecedented Demand With COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to the Corona Virus outbreak we have seen unprecedented demand for emergency food and water filters.

As a result we had previously been out of stock of most items.

But here is the latest update on availability of emergency food and water filters…


Update on Emergency Food Stock Levels and New Product Available


Wise Company Long Life Emergency Food – Container Has Landed

A container of food with all different bucket types of Wise Company long life Emergency food landed in New Zealand in early June. Due to high demand we have now run out of 120 serve Breakfast buckets. So all the combo packs which included 1/3 breakfasts are also now unavailable. The 16 serve sampler pack did not arrive in the container so is currently unavailable. Leave your name and email on our Contact page along with the product you are interested in to join our priority queue for breakfast buckets and sampler packs food when they get here.

Emergency Food Available Now

We also have the NZ made Back Country Cuisine 20 meal carton available:

This has a 4 year best before date. Although as the manufacturer says, it is safe to eat beyond that, provided it’s stored appropriately and the packaging remains sealed. The manufacturer states:


“We know from our advanced shelf life testing that our meals are safe to eat well beyond four years as long as the bag hasn’t been opened or damaged.”

Other types of dry food only last a year or less.

Back Country Food Emergency Bucket

We also have the NZ made Back Country Cuisine 7 Day emergency Bucket available:

Vegetarian Options:

The Back Country 40 Serve Carton contains one vegetarian main option and one vegetarian breakfast option. So that can be made to be vegetarian by selecting those two flavours. 

These Back Country options are more expensive than the Wise Company foods. But if you want the ability to choose what individual meals are included in your Emergency Food Supplies, Back Country is the only option available.


Gluten Free Option:

6 of the 10 meals choices in the Back Country Cuisine 40 serve carton are gluten free. So as you can choose what meal flavours are contained in this pack it can be gluten free:

Otherwise if the Back Country options aren’t suitable, we can email you when the new Wise Company stock arrives. 

We’ll also let you know of any updates as they come to hand.


Berkey Water Filters

We ordered more Berkey water filter systems on 14th July. So we expect stock around 10th August. We curretnly have replacement Black Element filters and PF2 Fluoride arsenic reduction elements water filters in stock.

There are still high demand. So it is taking Berkey USA much longer to dispatch these than usual. There are also delays with air freight currently. If you’re interested in any Berkey products please email us with what you’re after and we can also let you know when they get here.

Out of stock

Water Filters

Royal Berkey Water Filter and Purifier (12.3 L)

NZD $598.00
Out of stock

Water Filters

Big Berkey Water Filter and Purifier (8.5 L)

NZD $545.00
Out of stock

Water Filters

Travel Berkey Water Filter and Purifier (5.67 L)

NZD $498.00
Out of stock
Out of stock
NZD $220.00

Water Filters

Berkey Sight Glass Spigot (Water Level Indicator)

NZD $95.00NZD $99.00

Water Filters

Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot

NZD $55.00

Sorry if we don’t have what you are after right now. However worldwide there is still high demand for emergency supplies.

Editors note: This post was first published 13 March 2020. Last updated 21 July 2020 with latest stock availability dates.

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