Biggest Threats to Auckland and Wellington – According to Lloyd’s of London

Biggest Threats to Auckland and Wellington

We shared an interesting article with readers of our weekly gold and silver newsletter last week.

It was an NZ Herald piece entitled:

New Zealand, these are things you should be worried about

It shared the findings from a study by insurance giant Lloyd’s of London, looking at the risks to major cities across the globe.

The article looked at the biggest threats to Auckland and Wellington

Interestingly and perhaps somewhat surprisingly the biggest risk to both Wellington and Auckland was that of a sharemarket crash.

But that was because the study looked at the impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each city. So that is the impact on the economy of the city. Which is not, of course, the same as the biggest risk to your life and property. Unless you’re a CEO with share market options as part of your remuneration package we guess!

However we still found it a useful exercise as the biggest risk financially is also worth considering from a personal safety perspective. And our guess is that apart from the sharemarket crash, the other top 5 risk, would also be the highest risk to life as well.


So What Were the Biggest Risks to Auckland and Wellington?

Here are the top 5 threats and links to the Lloyd’s data for Auckland & Wellington. You can also click through to Lloyd’s interactive site to profile threat levels by Location, City, and Threat type.


Top 5 Auckland Threats

  1. Market Crash
  2. Flood
  3. Oil Price Shock
  4. Volcano
  5. Human Pandemic

Read More About Auckland Threats


Top 5 Wellington Threats

  1. Market Crash
  2. Earthquake
  3. Flood
  4. Oil Price Shock
  5. Human Pandemic

Read More About Wellington Threats


So pretty similar risks for both cities. Just swap out volcanoes in Auckland for Earthquakes in Wellington really.

For most of these risks you need to have your household prepared with Emergency Food, Water, Emergency Lighting etc. We’ve added a few new products in recent weeks to cover these areas. So check them out here.

In terms of a stock market crash, the two assets with no counter-party risk Gold and Silver will likely hold you in good stead for that occurrence.

Head over to our sister site if you’d like to learn more about that or to get a quote for either gold or silver.

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